New tau plots for projects

Now the tau plot for the project info page shows a x axis with times.


Comments in your scans

Now you can add comments to the scans of your projects, look for the "My Projects" link on top when you log in with your account name and password.


Web page on projects

Web page Project Scans gives information about scans of projects in TAPAS.


Receiver Selection

Selecting receivers in the search form is now working.


All projects of 2009 now have an account and the PIs have been informed. (list)

2010-02-22 - Usage note 2010-02-19 wb


When you connect to the tapas web interface you might be already logged into the anonymous account. To log into your specific account (e.g., 000y00 for 000-00) logout and login again.


The web interface does not yet support changing passwords. If you want to have another password send an e-mail to and the password in a separate mail.


Please note that dates entered mean 00:00 hour. We will change this for the "to" date in the future. For now, select the date of the next day.

E-Mail Distribution List

For those accounts that have logged into Tapas, I will put the e-mail address on a distribution list for tapas info. Let me know if you want to be removed.

2009-10-15 - TAPAS now supports also EMIR.

2009-03-30 - TAPAS v1.0 delivered from IAA to IRAM.


Contact tapasOperation(at) for suggestions, help, ... .