Technical information

TAPAS is built on the web framework Django. TAPAS is built on top of a MySQL database. The data model implemented with Django contains more than 200 attributes with about 50 relationships.

People Contribution

Since early 2009, IRAM/Granada has adapted TAPAS to the new EMIR receiver and prepared it for access by IRAM staff and by the general astronomers. IRAM staff involved are Walter Brunswig, Helmut Wiesemeyer, and Carsten Kramer.

Over the years 2005 to 2008, TAPAS was built in a collaborative effort between IAA-CSIC and IRAM/Granada, partially funded by the Spanish ministry via grant AYA2005-07516-C02. Here is the list of the people involved in TAPAS during this period:

  • Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro (IAA-CSIC): PI of the project
  • Rainer Mauersberger (IRAM): co-PI of the project
  • Stéphane Leon (IRAM): Lead scientist
  • Victor Espigares (IAA-CSIC): Data model and datafiller
  • José Enrique Ruiz (IAA-CSIC): Web interface and VO services
  • Juan de Dios Santander Vela (IAA-CSIC): Data model
  • Helmut Wiesemeyer (IRAM): XML calibration files
  • Walter Brunswig (IRAM): System integration in the New Control System

Currently the whole system is maintained and improved by Pablo Mellado.